About Quantum Robot

Quantum Robot is a first person shooter game with rougelite elements. There are short randomised levels each ending in a boss fight.

The game is still in development, parts of the game may still change.

Background Story

You are a robot trying to defend a spaceship from invading aliens. At the start, alien slimes have taken control of the cargobay area of the spaceship and you have to minimise the damage they are causing.

The aliens find a way to take control of some of the robots turning them against you. You now have to fight against the aliens as well as parts of your own ship.

The spaceship is crashed on a nearby inhabited planet as the fight continues you have to find a way to stop the alien assault from spreading too far.


  • The player can sprint and double jump
  • The first spaceship level and boss fight have been completed
  • There are 5 different kinds of slimes, each with different mechanics
  • All of the slimes drop blobs that some of the other slimes can pick up to regenerate health
  • Enemies drop weapons that the player can pick up
  • There are currently 5 different weapons
    • Assult Rifle
    • Pistol
    • Grenade
    • Health kit
    • Taser

Planned Features

  • Atleast 10 more weapons
  • Atleast 5 more levels (each with unique boss fight)
  • New enemies for each level
  • Skill and abilities, these will be picked at the start of the game and between levels
    • Double jump (currently active all the time)
    • Gain health when enemies are hit
    • Short time boost in damage or fire rate
    • Sprint faster or longer
  • Random level layouts, different parts of the level will be randomly moved to make the level seem different every time.